Vote Matt Nielsen

On the issues


Gilbert’s next mayor must hold the line on fiscal responsibility. During these challenging times, that means we’ll need to make some tough decisions about spending. Like any family or business that goes through a hard time, we’ll need to be wise about spending priorities – so that we can recover quickly and get back to economic vitality. As mayor, I will be wise about when I say yes and have the backbone to say no. Our first priority will be public health and safety. Gilbert was rated the safest city in Arizona and the sixth safest city in the country. We want to continue that. Our next priority will be to maintain our utilities and infrastructure, including wastewater services and roads.


Gilbert will have a strong future if we make smart decisions now. We need to plan in times of plenty for times of crisis. Our town should have a similar mindset as our state, which set aside a comfortable rainy-day fund that has been key to sustaining Arizona during difficult days. By making wise decisions as a town during these challenging days, we can have the budget and economic vitality for new growth and amenities later – and a buffer for any future bumps in the road. As mayor, I intend to make decisions with an eye to Gilbert’s next ten years and beyond. We will continue to be the best town in Arizona to live, play, work, and raise a family.

Efficient & Limited Government

Government should fulfill its role, but not outgrow it. That means: 1) Government should make smart financial decisions that protect taxpayer dollars and execute the town’s needs excellently, efficiently, and economically. 2) Gilbert citizens should keep more of their money. We have the second lowest taxes in the valley. I intend to continue that. My default position will be no new taxes. If someone comes to me proposing a tax increase, the burden will be on them to prove the necessity and value. 3) Government also has a responsibility to protect the fundamental rights of its citizens – not infringe on them. As mayor, I will make sure government doesn’t overstep into our individual liberties.

Keep Gilbert Gilbert

Gilbert is attractive because it is a well-planned community with great amenities. We need to make decisions, even during tight financial times, to protect what makes our town special. When it comes to development, we need to be mindful of both individual property rights and local community needs. As mayor, I will work with developers on planned projects well ahead of time and prioritize community engagement so Gilbert residents know what is coming and can provide input.

Conservative Values

In Gilbert, part of what makes us such a special, close-knit community is our shared values of life, faith, and family. As a husband, father, and man of faith, I too share these values. As mayor, I will protect and promote those ideals that bring us together and elevate the best in us. I am pro-life, pro-freedom, and pro-family. I will bring these steady and time-tested conservative ideals to my governing philosophy, fiscal decisions, and protection of your individual rights.